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Technique to Unleash Creativity and Self-Discipline

Here is a fantastic technique to help you access your Infinite Intelligence. The other magnificent benefit of this technique is that it helps you to develop self-discipline.  

It's really quite a simple technique. The key is to have an exact time every day to do the technique. That way you'll be developing discipline and since you are doing the technique at the same time every day, your mind will start to know that it is time to concentrate. Please set aside at least a half hour. This morning it took me an hour to do this technique because I had so many truly useful insights that I had to write them all down. Actually the insights came before I did the technique. This was because my mind was open and prepared to receive what it needed.

The technique is to spend time reading motivating materials or listening to motivating audiotapes and then to spend at least 15 minutes visualizing your goals as if you had already achieved them. Also make sure you have a notebook to write down any ideas that come to you. I also write out and repeat present tense affirmation of the goals I want to achieve. This is the key, to think from the end, to live from satisfaction in your imagination. Then when it becomes a hardened reality in your imagination you will start getting all the insights, ideas and distinctions necessary to bring your goal to life here in your physical reality. By visualizing you will be Attracting the ideas, people and resources to achieve your goal. The technique is super powerful. It gets that way by doing it daily and at a regular time. Ideally you will do it at the start of your day to get your whole day on the right track

A big key to remember is to visualize your goal as if you have achieved it. Enjoy it in your imagination, for what you create in your imagination is a real creation on the higher planes of life.

The other important key is to not worry about how you will achieve your goal. Do not worry about the steps. Use steps, but do not try to get them yourself. Let the steps come to you during your end visualization. Also don't become attached to the steps. You may get a strong nudge to do something else. Follow your intuition or your gut. Just keep on visualizing your end goal. If you get stuck on the steps you will tend to lose your motivating end vision. This has happened to me many times. 

Just keep thinking from the end and you will get there quickly. Many times you may have to take very few physical steps and you will still attain your goal

May the Force Be With You,  Roger Haeske

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