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Areas of Study to Improve Your Results

  1. Visualization 
  2. The Law of Attraction 
  3. The Law of Command 
  4. Beliefs: Continuous Imagination
  5. Clearing Techniques 
  6. What you Focus Upon Magnifies 
  7. Question Power and Creativity to Unleash your Awesome Imaginative Powers. 
  8. The Inner Internet (From: "Invisible Path to Success," by Robert Scheinfeld)
  9. Imagination and Dream Journal
  10. Affirmation Card
  11. Mantra Meditation or Contemplation: To Access Alpha and Theta and Trance States
  12. Law of Reversed Effort
  13. Divine Love is the source of your being
  14. Inner Guidance: Intuition, Dreams, Waking Dreams
  15. Principle of Giving to Receive
  16. Importance of Gratitude
  17. Right Livelihood
  18. You are always Cause and not Effect
  19. False attitudes that are holding you back
  20. The Universe is Plastic and Moldable 
  21. Practicing the Presence of God

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