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Articles by Roger Haeske

  • What Is The Magic Phrase That Magnetically Pulls Desires To You?
    You are a powerful being, much more powerful than you may have ever realized. Each and every one of us, are kings of the highest nobility. We have unimagined powers to create anything we want to experience.
  • Practicing the Presence of God
    “Discover and Unleash the Most Powerful Force in the Universe for Happiness, Personal Growth and Never Worry About Your Self-Esteem Again”
  • The Groundhog Day Technique
    I've found an interesting technique that is helping me recreate and improve my life. Part of this technique, I gleaned from the book, Awakened Imagination, by Neville.
  • Presence
    In the quest to become a superbeing we find the Ultimate Self-Improvement Technique. This technique is based on one source: GOD. God is the king of all Superbeings or rather the king of all souls and of all.
  • Master Your Destiny
    My life is proof that someone can totally change in a positive way. The biggest key I've found in making changes was to develop such a strong desire for changing that change became effortless and automatic. This strong desire for the positive state provides the necessary will power and self-discipline to make changes easily.
  • Unleash Creativity
    Here is a fantastic technique to help you access your Infinite Intelligence. The other magnificent benefit of this technique is that it helps you to develop self-discipline.
  • Misconceptions
    When I initially read many of these New Thought kinds of books, I kind of got the feeling that the authors were saying you could manifest anything you want without any physical actions on your part.
  • Principles of Attraction

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