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The main theory of this website is that, "reality is first created in the imagination." You experience what you experience in life due to what you have imagined. The fastest way to getting what you desire is to Imagine, Believe and to Act As If you have already achieved your goal. 

The Greatest Power is Your Imagination

I do believe there are exceptions and other laws that must be followed besides the Imaginal Laws. For instance what you eat is very important. You can't just visualize perfect health and eat any food that tastes good to you. You are in effect breaking the laws of nutrition.

To get what you want in life you must simply "Think from your Desired State." You should not think of your goal but from your goal.  Visualize yourself living, experiencing and feeling your goal in the present tense. You should feel it's eality and enjoy experiencing things like your ideal job, 
owning your dream home or spending time with your ideal mate. Whatever is your strongest desire is what you should visualize. 

You Get What You Focus On

Recently I've read a very good book that gave me the missing key to Unlocking My Imagination. The book is called "Spiritual Marketing," by Joe Vitale. I paid $14 for the paperback version of this book, but for the time being Joe Vitale is offering this book for free on his website as a gift and aid to people who have suffered because of the Terrorist Attacks to the US on 9/11/2001. Here is the link for the book.

Actually Joe Vitale has since removed this great ebook from his site ever since he released his new book, "The Attractor Factor," which is based on this original book. But it's still available on the web archives. Click here to read, Spiritual Marketing. It's incredibly inspiring.

The best part of this book for me was the section on getting clear. I realized that the reason I didn't achieve some of my goals in the past was that I had internal blocks to achieving them. Maybe I really didn't want the goal or just that I didn't have the belief in myself or in the power of imagination.

If you don't believe it, you can't achieve it. Or if you reverse that "If you believe it, You can Achieve it. You're results in life are a reflection of your beliefs. Imagine and believe and new reality and everything in your life will change.

So he shows in the book how to get clear so you can let your imagination create miracles in your life. I'll be discussing getting clear more in the near future.

Another incredible author I want to mention is Neville Goddard. He actually just went by the name Neville. I was reading his stuff before I even knew he wrote it. In my former spiritual path there was a chapter in a book that I just loved. I read this chapter, at least 20 times. Basically it talked about the reality of imagination. Much of that chapter was actually plagerized from the book "Awakened Imagination," by Neville. 

I eventually ran into someone who knew that Neville was the real genius behind what was written. Then I got that book and several others of his. The experiences students of his had were tremendous in attaining their desires via imagination. Many of them took virtually 
no physical action and the goals materialized. In fact a couple in his book "The Law and the Promise," had to restrain themselves from taking any physical action. In a short time they got exactly what they wanted and did virtually no work for it.

Just look back in your own life. Are you are where you are from just hard work or from where you believe you should be in life. Examine your beliefs and that will tell you why you are where you are. Once you change your beliefs you change your internal universe and it affects your outer reality as well. 

Examples) A simple example is what you experience after watching a scary movie. Maybe you become afraid of creaking sounds in your house. Sounds that are always there but that you just noticed. Imagine the taste of a lemon. It could actually make produce saliva. That just happened to me and all I was doing was visualizing. Everything you visualize produces some kind of effect in your life. So you might as well visualize what you want. What you focus upon magnifies, so never focus on things you don't want because they just get bigger and bigger. 

I'd also like to talk about Quantum Physics theories and how they are proving ancient spiritual principles. One amazing theory is that we are all interconnected. If you want something just make a request of the universe and everyone can internally and subconsciously hear that request. It's like putting up a classified ad and then having someone respond. Ever notice that while looking at someone you made them turn their head. I think that phenomenon has to do with the fact that we are all part of one Universal Awareness. 

May the Force be With You, Roger Haeske

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