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How To Get What You Really Want: RIGHT NOW!

How are you doing today? Are you having fun? Is every day a great adventure or are you struggling with life?


* Are you experiencing more Love and Joy or more Fear?


* Is your consciousness Expanding or Contracting?


* Do you have an awareness of God (Good) or No-God and No Good?


* Are you Raw or Cooked?


* Are you Outflowing or Inflowing?


The other day during my daily spiritual exercise, I had some powerful insights that I had to write down. I want to share these insights with you and hope that they can help you in some way.


These concepts are not necessarily original thoughts and many are derived from memories of my past readings. But this is how those insights came out in my inspired writing (plus some editing for your eyes.)


Please realize I have been studying what I call the "Reality of Imagination for about 19 years now. I've been consciously observing the process of creation in my life and of that of my close friends.


I've been trying to unlock the secrets to creating my ideal life and help my readers do the same. These thoughts are the outcome of this quest.


My insights may or may not resonate with you because I'm not going to include much in the way of a description or why they work.


I'm just going to list the principles. But I will say one thing to start with. This is a controversial subject in the metaphysical world.


** Visualization versus Action: Which is more important?


In the study of the self-help, spiritual and metaphysical literature I get this constant question and battle raging in my mind. I think it might be an issue that pops up in your head as well.


What is more important, visualization or taking action? Or maybe all you have to do is visualize and you'll get what you want. Many people ardently believe the last point, but I believe some clarification needs to be made on this point.


Firstly, we all have to realize that even visualizing is taking action. You have to focus your mind in order to visualize. It requires at least some effort and action, even if only done with your mind.


I think the rest of my point will be explained in my notes below.


** Imagination Science Principles **


If you focus on your outer world reality, you continually recreate what you see and nothing changes. Instead, you need to focus on what you want to happen in your life, not what you currently see.


* By focusing on "what you want" you naturally change your –actions- as well.


* Thought controls action.


* Thought controls emotion.


* Thoughts attract similar thoughts.


* The thought or image of the thing, is the real thing.


* Any time you feel fear, anger, doubt or unhappiness you are contracting your energy flow and attracting the very things you don't want to happen into your life.


* Free Thinking: To focus on the goal and never focus on the obstacles.


* What you focus upon magnifies and attracts thoughts of a similar vibrational level.


* Always focus on what you want and never ever 'worry' about how you'll get it. (This is what holds back 99% of people. If they can't logically figure out how to achieve a goal, they give it up. They apply logical and non-creation thinking. They look at what other people are doing and what the real world is like and therefore stifle their awesome creative powers.)


* Your state of mind must be from 'having' what you want. Any thought of lack (will instantly remove your motivation to take –action-) will attract how to create more lack in your life.


* Never allow any "emotional obstacles" in your thinking, think only of your desire and not of the roadblocks. (Note: you must deal with obstacles all the time, but always focus on the resolution of the obstacle and not on the problems it is causing you. In other words, "don't feel down or upset." This will dramatically increase the speed at which you resolve these obstacles.)


* Visualizing your goal will naturally attract you to take the right actions, think the right thoughts, read the right books and meet the people you need to achieve your goal.


* Visualization creates reality on the higher planes of consciousness.


* Action is the Physical Plane equivalent of imagination or thought.


* We exist in the all the planes of consciousness simultaneously.


* What you want to do every day is to take "Inspired Action" steps towards your goals.


* Never force yourself, take Inspired Action instead.


* Start a Miracles Journal. Keep track of all the magical things that happen in your life so you can look back on them in the future and realize that magic really does happen.


* Thinking is frictionless action.


* Turn yourself into a special magnet for whatever you desire. Visualize yourself as this specialized magnet that automatically attracts exactly what you desire to come to you.


* Feel like a kid just about to get his birthday or holiday presents. Feel like this as much as possible and you'll start attracting into your life the very things you desire.


* The ultimate goal in life is happiness. Every material thing you can get basically serves the purpose of making you happy. So why not be happy first since that is the ultimate goal.


* You can have happiness in every moment of your life if you just remember to focus on what you want and not let anything contract your energy.


* Even if you don't have all that you want (and you never will by the way) by just focusing on it (mentally having it) will instantly make you happy.


* Think from satisfaction. (Neville Goddard)


* A daily spiritual exercise is like a multi-vitamin for the Soul.


* We can all be Happiness Billionaires starting from this very moment.


* To be happy – Think from your goal, not of your goal.


* Claim your desire as yours in your imagination.


* Change your "magnetic point of attraction" {idea I gleamed from Dr. Robert Anthony} (your habitual thoughts) and you change your future.


* We have a constant pattern of thoughts if you consistently change the majority of those thoughts your outer world results will eventually match those new thoughts.


* The new thoughts however, instantly change how you feel and your inner world reality.



I hope you found these thoughts useful. I believe I can boil all that down to a simple formula 11 word formula.


*** Focus only on what you want and then take inspired action. ***


So you see IMAGINATION and ACTION work hand in hand.


I have a great 6-day course on manifestation, the law of attraction and creating abundance in your life for you. It's by the world famous Dr. Robert Anthony and it's frëe and loaded with fantastic insights.


To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske


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Roger Haeske

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