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Unleash the most powerful force in the Universe by: Practicing the Presence of GOD

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In the quest to become a superbeing we find the Ultimate Self-Improvement Technique. This technique is based on one source: GOD. God is the king of all Superbeings or rather the king of all souls and of all. In trying to become a Superbeing we are simply becoming more godlike. God is the ultimate power source and is inside all of us. 

Sure we can develop our minds and have superpowers but the ultimate state is to live in the bliss of serving God. This is called being a coworker with God. Why not work for God the most powerful and loving boss in all the universe. To serve and work for God is to receive the most incredible benefits plan. By working for God your fears become alleviated, your sense of personal being expands to the entire world. You gain a personal freedom and an overwhelming sense of joy because by serving God, God will serve and work for you. Nothing is more fulfilling than serving others and in serving God your sense of service and selflessness becomes expanded to the whole universe. Your life will become magical and you will have protection at all times. 

In my life I have experienced incredible spiritual ecstasy by learning to love God and to live in God as much as possible. I have turned even my everyday work into work for the highest principle. Any job can be of service to God as long as you are not taking advantage of anyone as some sales jobs try to do. In fact your greatest material prosperity will come by becoming a super servant. By serving others well your needs will be fulfilled, including one of mankind’s greatest needs self-esteem. I believe that spiritual rewards come in many forms including material riches that come about by service to others. So contrary to popular opinion, earning a living is a very spiritual service. The book "God Wants you to be Rich" by Paul Zane Pilzer wonderfully describes the spiritual connection of accumulating wealth and why it is beneficial to all of humankind. 

To practice the presence of God all that is required is to love him, her or it. (You can look on God in any form you want, nonetheless it is still God.) Once you experience God’s love you will naturally have a love for him. The way to love God is by daily contemplative or meditative exercises. These exercises help you to experience the spiritual bliss of God’s love. Once you’ve had contact with this divine love, then serving God will seem like the greatest pleasure. Work will be pure joy and you will be transported to the higher planes of pure spirit in your awareness. People with spiritual vision will see the rays of golden light emanating from you. Everyone will feel your love radiating out to him or her. This love will protect and guide you. Keep in mind you still must use common sense and your mind but know that love is protecting you.
Action Steps:

Do a daily spiritual exercise. This exercise will use the power of a mantra (a spiritually charged word) to tune you into God’s love and protection. You should try to do this exercise at a regular time everyday for two weeks, preferably in the morning or just before going to bed. Within two weeks if you are physically healthy enough you should definitely have started to experience one of the three main manifestations of God, as either Light, Sound or Divine Love. You may also start to experience a feeling of inner guidance and protection. (If you’re having health problems I recommend you read the "The Superbeing Nutrition Program." This program will give you instant spirituality and happiness.)

Spiritual Exercise Instructions: Find a quiet place where you can sit upright in a comfortable chair. Remove any tight clothing including shoes and get relaxed. Make sure to open a window to have a fresh stream of air, in the wintertime just open it a crack. Start by taking 3 deep breaths to oxygenate and relax you. Close your eyes and you will lightly focus attention on the screen in your mind where you make pictures. Start by visualizing a golden light flowing through you and out to the universe. You may think this is only imagination but on the higher planes imagination is reality. Now you are going to chant a spiritually charged word. By chanting a mantra it is like opening up a telephone line to God. Here are some words I recommend because of there powerful affect in uplifting you: Hu, Aum, Om, Love or God. You can also use the name of your favorite saint Jesus or Buddha for instance. Now you breathe in and on the outgoing breath you chant the word you have chosen. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes, it will put you into a deep meditative state and eventually you will start tuning into divine love. When you are done chanting you should visualize yourself conversing with God or a saint or someone you trust. Ask him or her for an answer to a specific problem. When you are done after about 20 minutes for the whole exercise jot down in a journal anything you experienced  (Journal: A notebook of what you’ve learned and experienced on your path to unleashing the Superbeing within you). Whether it was a pinprick of brilliant white light or any other images and sounds you may have experienced. Keeping a journal is very important for unburdening you and being able to see issues clearly.

Practicing the Presence of God: When you go to work inwardly say to yourself that you are working for God. Do this in earnest and throughout the day think of God and Divine Love. In your imagination send out divine love to all you meet. See God operating in all beings. Do not judge them for you will only be judging yourself. Give them a big smile as well. You’ll find your life will run smoother and that people will be friendlier and feel uplifted in your presence. You must remember that you are soul and "Soul is fueled by giving." 

Recommended Reading: "Practicing His Presence," by Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach. "The Far Country," by Paul Twitchell. 

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