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What Imagination Science Has Done For Me

The short answer is that it has done everything for me. The reason for this is that everything that you ever manifest in life originates in the imagination.

Every single thought, feeling, image or emotion that you ever experienced has affected you in some way. The smallest thought influences your awareness and changes how you feel and what you end up doing. Because of this it is very important to control your thoughts. Every thing you think effects you in some way and contributes to what your life is like. 

Everything I have ever manifested in my life, good or bad, exciting or boring has been due to what I hold true in my imagination. All sorts of events can happen to you, but whether or not your experience is positive or negative depends on how you react. 

We are always in control of our own thoughts (unless of course you have some kind of psychological disease like schizophrenia or depression. I suffered a long depression and during that time it was very difficult to control the negative feelings I experienced. It required tremendous self-discipline every day so that I would not experience panic and terror. That was a tremendous period of mental training for me. By the way the only thing that finally solved my depression was a dietary solution. To find out more about that go to So I don't believe that using the Imagination is the key to all problems but it does help with quite a few.) 

Now getting back to the topic at hand. Have you ever noticed people that you were almost subconsciously attracted to? Some people you just really enjoy hanging around. You see everyone is capable of picking up those vibes at the subconscious level. 

The other day when I was just getting this website started I was having a great day. The weather was beautiful and I was doing what I loved to do. I went into a store and I felt like the king of the world. My inner awareness seemed terrifically expanded. 

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