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Manifesting Misconceptions

© 2001,   Roger Haeske 11/6/01

When I initially read many of these New Thought kinds of books, I kind of got the feeling that the authors were saying you could manifest anything you want without any physical actions on your part. That all you had to do was "To feel as if you have already attained your desire and that was it." Then you just had to continue visualizing and the goal would manifest. But is that really true?

I read in the book "The Science of Getting Rich," by Wallace D. Wattles an interesting principle that shed light on this issue. He basically said that things manifest through the normal established channels first. I'll explain more below.

But here is a quick quote from Wattles in the Dr. Judith Powell version of "The Science of Getting Rich." "The creative energy works through the established channels of natural growth, and of the industrial, political, and social order. All that is included in your mental image will surely be brought to you if you follow the instructions previously given, and if you have unwavering FAITH. What you want will come to you through the ways of established trade and commerce."

I'm going to paste in a quote from an email I typed last night in response to this issue. Then I might put in an awesome quote or two from Dr. Joseph Murphy in regards to this issue.

"Imagination creates reality within the rules of this physical plane. You can’t ignore the laws of health or the speed limit. If you commit a crime you will go to jail if caught. If you burn your hand it will burn and you will feel pain. Yet there may be some exceptions to that. It is a very difficult question to answer, because life is mysterious.

When you can totally live without any law or person affecting you; please let me know? Even when you manifest a desire via the imagination it will materialize first via the normal channels. If you want a new Mercedes Benz it probably won’t appear out of thin air in your driveway. Maybe you’ll win it in a contest or maybe an inheritance or someone decides to give you there Mercedes because they had an irresistible urge to do so, or maybe you’ll somehow get exactly enough money to buy it. But it will come through already established channels available here on the physical plane.

Now I’ve heard of a spiritual master called Babaji from India who manifested a whole physical temple out of his imagination. But I can’t confirm whether or not that really happened. The story is in “Autobiography of a Yogi,” by Paramahansa Yogananda. That book is filled with incredible feats by spiritual masters. These were all supposedly witnessed by Yogananda who I believe died around  the 1950’s. By the way he was overweight and not a raw foodist either. But one of his masters was a raw foodist.

Unfortunately, we just have to use some common sense with all of these things. Could Neville have manifested his books on imagination without actually writing them and getting them published? Of course he couldn't. He had to do something here in the physical world. He had to write his ideas down or at least pay another author to ghost write his ideas. Imagination is the blue print and then you must take any necessary action that is needed here on the physical plane.

The advantage of using the imagination is that it gets you to your goal much quicker. You must see and believe yourself having achieved your goal. If you don’t do that you will never reach it. The imaginative principle is very active in sports. World champions always have a vision of success before it manifests for them here on the physical. The vision is the key. But they have to put in lots of hard work as well.

Imagination is creating the thing on the inner planes, and then we have to do something here physically to manifest the imaginative image. That is how imagination works here on the physical level.

For over 15 years I thought this guy I play tennis with regularly was much better than me. I totally believed it and  beat 99.50% of the time. Then one day I decided to visualize that I was better than him. (I did this knowing he played 7 days a week, worked out at least an hour every day and played lots of tournaments. I was lucky if I played competitive tennis just one hour per week. But I realized that didn’t matter. Somehow I had this inner knowing or realization that I was a much better player than I had previously allowed myself to be.

I ended up beating him the next time we played. It was simply because I had a higher concept of myself as a tennis player. I did this without any additional practice time, just a changed BELIEF. I became a new player just by changing my belief. I could hit shots I wasn’t able to hit before. I ALLOWED myself to achieve a new level that I had been holding myself back from.

So yes, life is a mystery. But if you get a nudge to take some kind of action toward your goal then take it. Use your imagination and then do what any other person would do to achieve their goal."

Now I want to get to a great idea Dr. Joseph Murphy talks about in regards to how to manifest your desires. This quote is taken from "Your Infinite Power to Be Rich," Cp 2, page 38.

"The Infinite had to think of a sequoia tree to bring it into being, and the thought proceeded to produce the tree even though centuries may have been required to bring it to completion. The Infinite Thinker, when It thought of a sequoia tree, did not cause the instant formation of a full-grown tree, but He started in motion all the forces necessary to produce the tree through the subjective wisdom operating in the seed.

Likewise, when you desire to be free from all financial problems and all sense of pecuniary embarrassment, you must realize that you are a thinker and that you can originate ideas, images, plans, and purposes. Furthermore, become aware that all structures, inventions and all things fashioned by your hands first existed in your mind as thought-images. You cannot create anything in this world until you have thought that something into existence."

Here is another quote from page 39, "I explained to him that the thought-image or mental pattern of wealth in his mind is the FIRST CAUSE relative to that thing; it is the actual substance of wealth, untouched by any previous conditions of lack, limitation, or restrictions of any kind."

I love this concept of First Cause. That is what imagination is all about. You must first imagine something if you have any chance at creating it. Most people are busy visualizing their limitations and therefore they can't get what they truly desire.

Imagination creates reality on the very fine inner planes of life, but on this coarse physical universe there is a physical equivalent to imagination and that is ACTION. Even to imagine something requires the use of our body and brain. So the spiritual and the physical are interrelated.

This is not to say that the law of attraction is not at work. You will be attracting to you the ideas and people necessary to achieve your goal when you visualize having achieved your goal. Imagination is the birth point of all your desires.


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