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"What Is The Magic Phrase That Magnetically Pulls Desires To You?"


© 2006, Roger Haeske


You are a powerful being, much more powerful than you may have ever realized. Each and every one of us, are kings of the highest nobility. We have unimagined powers to create anything we want to experience.  


Yet most of us completely waste our lives because we are ignorant of our own incredible powers. We are Divine beings with an unlimited spiritual and material inheritance.


I know that most of us, myself included, aren't coming anywhere close to fulfilling our potentials. Maybe that's because there is no limit to what we can achieve. But it's also because of mass ignorance of what we really are and what we're capable of attaining.


I've been studying various personal growth systems for 24 years, to learn how to unleash my full potential. In essence, I've been studying, how to become a Superbeing.


It's a never-ending process. I always learn something new and because of that, develop my personal power to a higher level.


The other day I made a stunning realization that is contained in a five word magic phrase.


It's only five words long and yet it contains the secret to having anything you want. If you fully understand this phrase, you'll get whatever you want from life. I'll explain with a story.


Many years ago, when I was in college, I had problems getting a girlfriend. I was rather shy and didn't know how to meet women and get them to go out with me. The funny thing is that I'm a fairly attractive guy and yet I somehow repelled women. Especially women I was interested in.


I know now what my problem was. I had fears and limitations when it came to women. However, I discovered a technique that instantly overcame my limitations, but I had forgotten about this until recently.


The beauty of this is that you don't have to go through years of psychoanalysis. Just use my simple idea and you'll instantly smash through your limitations, whatever they are.


When I tried to ask a girl out, I was internally chasing after her. I also subconsciously visualized failure because I had anxiety about the whole process. Subconsciously I didn't feel worthy.  


Sometimes when you want and grasp after something so much, you actually repel it. This is exactly what I was doing. I wanted a girlfriend so badly that they could sense that and this scared them away.


Then one day I realized a spiritual principle from something I read that I used to turn things around.


I had to stop chasing and striving after women, or any goal for that matter. I had to change my energy flow from taking to giving. I simply had to give love and be myself. Instead of chasing, I attracted. Within a week of that realization, I got a new girlfriend.


What I did was to create, instead of chase. If you want something, simply create it in your imagination. Once you've created it, it is a real substance in the spiritual dimensions. It will automatically start attracting the mental and then physical equivalent to you.


After all what is a visionary? All great athletes have a vision of being a world champion. Arnold Schwarzenegger constantly visualized his head on top of the body of Reg Park, who was a famous body-building champion.


A thought is real and it has powerful magnetic properties. The seed of all you acquire is planted inwardly first. Here are two great quotes that illustrate my points.

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