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After talking for a while longer we parted ways to turn in for the night. But something kept eating at me. Something Mark had said clicked on a light bulb and I began to realize that something I had already written about was incredibly more powerful than it first had seemed. And I seemed to have a new way to explain it because of our talk.

I almost missed our vacation from furiously taking notes, taking notes about one incredibly simple concept that, when understood, can change your life in an instant. This one simple method went far deeper and had far greater implications that I had ever imagined.

The old success method of "Acting As If", almost had it right. This idea, this concept, was like taking the "Acting As If" method and making it a guaranteed, foolproof success strategy that simply could not fail if put into action with absolute sincerity.

That vast majority of people who have tried the "Acting As If" method did it with the idea that they where "Affirming" something. Somewhere along the line the Acting As If method got mixed up with Affirmations. For most people, affirmations are a hopeless exercise doomed to fail.

With this method below, we do not insult Logic at all. We are not trying to affirm something we know doesn’t exist.

Let me give you the most simple explanation I can about this method right now…

The only thing that holds any of us back from achieving massive success are the blocks we have set up in our own minds and bodies. For whatever reasons, these blocks are there, otherwise nothing could stop us from unleashing the fullest powers and abilities we are capable of.

If we consciously remove these blocks, literally remove what allows them to remain in place, we automatically unleash all the power and ability that has always been there, but that has always been in chains.

Here’s the one simple question that holds the key to unleashing everything that is possible for you:

"How would you Act and Feel if you already had everything you wanted?"

IMPORTANT: Here’s the critical factor: Notice I did not say anything about "affirming" anything. Trying to "affirm" you have a million dollars when you know you do not is trying to live a self created delusion and can ONLY end in pain and frustration.

This is the key difference…

I said, "How Would You Act And Feel "IF" You Already Had What You Wanted"

Notice that you are not Affirming anything that’s untrue. You are not affirming anything at all. You are simply Modeling the state of mind and body you would have IF you had what you want.

The simple act of modeling the state of mind and body that you would have if you already had what you want effectively removes all blocks from your system. If you truly get into that state of mind and body the blocks cannot remain in place. Period.

I cannot stress this enough…you are not "affirming" anything. No type of affirmations, faith or belief whatsoever. The very second you fall into thinking that you are "affirming" something that you know is not true, you lose.

You are not trying to say something exists when you know good and well that it doesn’t. Not only does that not work, it has led many a person to incredible frustration and anger, much worse off than when they started.

If you will model how you would feel and act if you had everything you wanted, you will find such incredible things happening in your life that you will not be able to contain the excitement.

How would you think?
How would you act?
How would you feel?
How would you talk?
How would you walk?
How would you move?
If You Already Had What You Want?

When you get your answers in mind….do it. Think that way, talk that way, walk that way, move that way and feel that way.

What you are actually doing is removing every block in your system that is blocking your true potential, your energy, your intelligence, your magnetism…

Now, the question will surely be raised, "Why would we want to get into the state of mind and body of having a thing before we actually get it?"

And that’s a good question. The answer to which reveals an amazing fact about us humans and the way we work…
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