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Imagination Basics

The basic premise of the Imagination is that what you think about
eventually turns into your reality. That life is a Self-Fulfilling
Prophecy. Another point is that you should visualize your goals from the
point of having already achieved them. Or Thinking From the End or the
As If Principle.

Being brought up in a very scientific family I never believed in prayer
or anything like that. But I started changing as I got older. Then I
joined a religion that taught about the Reality of Imagination. For some
reason I had this strong instinctive feeling that what they were talking
about was true. But I haven't been able to get everything I ever wanted
just by sitting back and visualizing I've achieved it.

It almost would seem wrong. It would be like being a genie. Life would
be too easy. Just imagine what you want and it magically comes to you.
Though I have seen instances of this happen. Where I basically just
visualized something and did little else physically except be in the
right place at the right time to meet someone who could bring me to my

What actually has to happen is that you also need to take the physical
steps you are guided towards to achieve your goal.

If you wanted to be the number 1 tennis player in the world you wouldn't
only visualize it and expect to be the best. For one thing you have to
compete physically just to prove you are the best. Then you would need
at least some physical practice (some need more than others),
conditioning and the proper diet. You would have to get top notch
instruction though it has been done without coaching by some players.

The key with the visualization would have to be that you BELIEVE that
you have the Capability and Desire to become the best tennis player in
the world. If you worked very hard at becoming the best player in the
world but you didn't BELIEVE you could do it, then it would be

I have found that your beliefs precede your physical reality. You have
to believe first before you can achieve. I have been a tennis coach for
over 15 years and I have applied these ideas about beliefs and
visualization to my own tennis game and they work extremely well. You
can go to to see the articles that I have written
that use imagination to improve athletic performance. The key is that it
works for any kind of performance.  

Anyway I'd like to hear some of your inputs and experiences on this
subject. I'll be posting more in the coming days. It should be very
interesting to see what comes up.

Live from your Desired State, Roger Haeske

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