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“Discover and Unleash the Most Powerful Force in the Universe for Happiness, Personal Growth and Never Worry About Your Self-Esteem Again”

Dear Friend,

Here's my special gift to you. This special report is usually only available to my private site members at But since I wrote about this topic yesterday, I've decided to share it with you. This is a supremely important topic. I hope you put it into practice in your life if you aren't already doing so.

How To Be Superhuman 

"You Are Where You Focus "

© 2003, Roger Haeske

Have you ever thought about, where you are located, as a spiritual being? People think of themselves as being in some physical location. However, from a spiritual perspective, you are where you focus.

Now why should anyone care about this? Because it is the secret key to getting what you truly want, to being happy all the time and living your dream life. Let me explain how it works.

Inside of us are different realms or planes of reality. We can be in whatever plane or reality we wish. All we have to do is to focus on that reality and instantly we move there in our awareness. In fact, there are infinite combinations of worlds we can be in. The secret is to focus on the highest possible worlds because they are unlimited in nature, give us the most pleasure and personal power.

I can tell you right now, the best vacation spot in the world is God. When you focus on God and keep your focus there, you start to feel and perceive God's love and omnipotence. It is the most liberating and powerful feeling in the world.

From a spiritual perspective, nothing can harm you while you are in God. All you have to do is to be conscious of God as much as possible throughout your day. You can also focus on giving Divine Love or doing everything in the name of God.

If you feel negative emotions, you have just spiritually traveled out of the God plane. If you feel fear or anger, you've dropped to a negative and reactionary plane. Using these negative thoughts, even if you don't voice them out loud, produces instant negative results.

If you are worried about what someone else is thinking about you, then you are out of this unlimited God plane. Focus on God esteem instead of self-esteem. You won't need to buoy up your ego if you are in inner paradise. This is a plane of pure power and where you are in total control of your reality.

The God realm is a plane that doesn't have time and space. It isn't dualistic, there is no positive and negative duality; it’s pure positive consciousness. To gain entrance to this plane, you must serve God. If you live by God's rules you have unlimited freedom within that plane. But as I said, the price is serving God.

But this isn’t really a price at all because your highest interests are God’s interests. For you and God are really made of the same spiritual substance. You are like a mini-God in control of your own reality.

You serve God by paying attention to him and by giving love to all around you. You act Godly in front of everyone and when you are by yourself. You realize that God is in everything and everyone, no matter where they happen to be focused spiritually.

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