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I'd say that most people are constantly traveling around in the lower negative realms. They simply are not aware that they could be living in a spiritual and material paradise by shifting their focus and love to the infinite, the divine or God.

In some spiritual traditions, this is called Practicing the Presence of God. It's really like an all-day meditation. Brother Lawrence and Frank Laubach wrote about this in a wonderful book called, "Practicing His Presence." Reading this book will inspire you to seek the unspeakable love of God.

I tend to think that entertainment is a substitute for being in God. In other words, if you are aware of God, you have no need for entertainment. Why is that? Because you are completely fulfilled, there is no emptiness. In addition, to live in God means to serve God. Do your daily duties in service of God. You get the most expansion and happiness by giving. Giving will be your new form of enlightening entertainment.

When you finally tune into God, you won’t even want your attention to wander because it is the best feeling you can imagine. To serve and live in the presence of God is the highest form of entertainment. Many TV programs and movies will seem on a lower frequency. You can watch them but try to keep your mind on God as you do. Better yet is to watch the programs or movies that actually lift you toward God.

If at any time you get angry or frustrated, you have just slipped out of the God realm. The idea is that you want to feel good all the time. As soon as you feel negative emotion, you know that you are out of "His Presence."

Whenever you feel a lack or are sad, you are no longer in the presence of God. Of course, we are always in God. We exist and have our being in God. God is omnipresent. But God gave us the ability to have whatever we want in life, good or bad. We have to choose God, by centering our attention in God.

We have complete freedom to choose whatever world we want to live in. Most of the human emotions, fears and limitations will vanish as you realize you are the radiant child of God. God wants you to be happy. All you have to do is to tune into the spiritual radio station WGOD.

You don't sacrifice anything by listening to this radio station. You don't have to be an ascetic. You can have a wonderful and fulfilled life. Now you simply do it in style and power. You have unlimited freedom because the world of God is an unlimited state of consciousness. It will bring you great joy and whatever material things you want. What you'll realize is that your material wants will be related to serving God. If it furthers your spiritual mission, you will want it. You won't be getting things to boost your self-esteem because you have God-esteem and you don't need those things anymore.

Just spend about 15 minutes in the morning and evening. Use this time to find your own way to meditate or contemplate on God and Divine Love. Then throughout your day you focus on God. Listen to what you think God is trying to tell you. Live in God. The more you do it, the more powerful this feeling will be. You'll start to glow from the love of God. You'll start perceiving the inner beauty and at the same time it will affect your outer reality as well.

What I’ve just shared with you is very simple, but it will change every aspect of your life once you put it into practice. You can have the kingdom of heaven if you will only choose it.

To Your Radiant Health, Happiness and Fitness, Roger Haeske

Roger Haeske

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