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"How to Unleash your IMAGINATION to Be, Do or Have Whatever You Desire"

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Welcome to Imagination Science where you'll learn that "Reality is Created in the Imagination." You experience what you experience due to what you create through your imagination. The fastest way to getting what you desire is to Imagine and to Act As If you have already achieved your goal.  

Get into the feeling of the wish fulfilled and you immediately create a Magnetic Spiritual Prototype of the outer thing you desire. This Magnetic Spiritual Prototype immediately starts attracting itself to your outer world. It happens by spiritual law and it happens every time. The speed of success depends on the strength of imagination and... of course taking inspired action.

Think From Satisfaction, Then Take Action

Imagination is the very important and often neglected inner portion of the success formula. Of course, action is necessary as well to realize your dreams. Both are partners in the success formula.

This site provides you with incredible resources to improve your life. I've upload many articles and valuable books on the art of manifesting that you can read for free, right online.

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"The Greatest Power is Your Imagination"

Our universe is a Plastic One. We can and do mold our reality based on our Imagination or all we consent to and believe to be true.

"Think from Satisfaction, Think from Your Goal, Not of Your Goal"

Imagination Science Foundational Principles:

  1. God is your source your loving father, and you are Soul an Atom of God with Infinite Power. (Therefore, why should you ever suffer.) 
  2. Life was meant to be fun, a never ending miracle 
  3. Remember that you are a divine and unlimited atom in the body of God and to constantly live the presence of God which is Divine Love and the power to Create. Then you will experience constant miracles.  
  4. The best way to serve God and others is to do what you love to do. 
  5. Your outer life is created inwardly first in your Imagination. 
  6. You receive Infinite Riches by Giving. 
  7. Soul is always Cause and never Effect. 

Too often we see ourselves as mortals with no divine powers, but that simply isn't the case. We are spiritual beings and we use a physical body. The physical world is an illusion a trap that makes us think we are mortal. We are much more than a physical set of laws. Once you consciously understand and use the higher laws your life will turn into a miracle.

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